Why are disengageable pins so important? By pulling a pin out you eliminate incomplete punches that look like half-moons.

Digital Finishing Group was the world's first company to introduce a full set of disengageable pins for coil binding machines. Now copied by most manufacturers, the full set of pull pins allows you to punch any length of paper and not have incomplete punches.

With DFG's disengageable pull pins there is no messy dies to pull out of the machine and pins to lose when disenaged. DFG uses independent spring mechanisms on each pull pin to allow a pin to disengage with the slightest pull.

Need a visual? The first two photos show incomplete punches, but with a pin disengaged in the second two photos there are no incomplete punches.



Still have questions about half moon punches/incomplete punches, or disengageable pins? Contact DFG today at 800.480.4DFG or email us at info@dfgus.com to speak with a knowledgeable representative who will answer all your questions.