Not sure which type of binding you need? Below are examples of the four different types of binding DFG offers.


Coil Binding

Plastic Coil Binding is the fastest growing market segment in mechanical binding today.  Plastic Coil binding is very resilient.  The plastic coil behaves like a spring, so if it is twisted or bent it always returns to its original position.  Plastic Coil also uses a round hole instead of a square hole.  Square holes have right angles which are weak points and allow tearing.  These two factors make Plastic Coil binding ideal for any application where durability is key.  Plastic Coil also allows the bound pages to be turned 360˚, and the book can lie flat, making it ideal for business reports, manuals, menus, and workbooks.  A wide variety of colors can be found to match the book's design.  Inserting is very easy and can also be done by hand which makes it economical and ideal for any run length.

Perfect Binding
Perfect Binding is the application of a book block to a cover by applying hot melt glue.  Perfect Binding is traditionally used on novels and most books found at your local book store.  A printed, soft, wrap-around cover or a hardcover (case-bound) can be used which makes perfect binding ideal for almost any binding application over .25".  Although perfect binding has typically been reserved for very large runs, with new technology from DFG, perfect binding is now more time and cost effective than other bindings from one to 1000+ books.  Perfect Binding is very strong, and because printing can be put on the spine, it is ideal for stacking.  Perfect binding is now not only ideal for nationwide bestsellers, it is ideal for the self published authors, personalized photo-books, catalogs, and much more.

Comb Binding
Comb Binding is the oldest and most common form of mechanical binding.  Its primary feature is that sheets of paper can be removed or added.  It is very common so supplies are easily accessible.  The books are more rigid; however, the sheets cannot be turned 360˚. 

Wire Binding

Wire Binding is a very elegant and decorative.  It is perfect for any application where appearance is key.  It can be found in different colors to match the book block.  Binding is very fast and can be automated.  Wire Binding is very attractive however it is not as durable as other plastic binds.  The sheets can be turned 360˚, and when the pages are turned the sheets mirror each other because the loops do not have a pitch.  Wire binding is ideal for products like calendars, financial reports, and any other premium products.